About Owner

You really want to know who am I ? Let me introuduce my self :)

My name
Nurul Zulaikha :) 

Just call me

I am
Sixteen years old already :) 

I stay in
Perak :)

My date of birth
1st July 97's :)

My study location at :
SMK Rapat Setia , Ipoh  :)

My status is
I'm single but Allah always with me :)

I like to be a
Litreature lecturer :)

My hobby is :
Texting | Blogging | Twittering | Facebooking

My favourite colour is
Blue :)

I love to
Eat | Dreaming 

I hate
My enemy | Copycat | Who didn't appriciated the person who love them 

My social network is :

I know I'm not beautiful as you would expect :) But , I love to be who am I.
 I am servant of ALLAH S.W.T :) 

I wanna throw back the time because I dont want to know the people who did not appriciated of my love BUT i cant do that untill the end of the world.

 that you will enjoyed the story that i created in my blog even it's too bad and very 'ergghhh'.
I know , that one day you will fall in love with MY BLOG ! NOT ME ! hahahaha
I created some short story and I hope you will enjoyed.
Your advice is very much welcomed :)

Sorry , my grammar are soooooo bad :) hehehehe